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Supreme Quality Supremacy: Forging Ahead into the Future

There is no goal line in the pursuit of 'Supreme Quality.' Our company always tries to stay ahead of the times, reaching for the future, aiming at ever higher quality targets. AISIN TAKAOKA continues its pursuit of supreme quality.

Management philosophyF Creation future at the quality supremacy

AISIN TAKAOKA is expanding its core automotive parts business, while reinforcing its technologies and skills. At the same time, we will use our know-how to launch new businesses in environmental and other fields.
Our aim is to provide attractive products of high quality that will satisfy our customers. Looking to the future, we plan to enlarge our scope of activities on the international stage.
Moreover, we are always seeking business development in harmony with the earth's environment, while sparing no effort to be a good corporate citizen by contributing to the growth and wealth of communities.
We sincerely request your advice and continued assistance.