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Aisin Takaoka Tour on the Web
Take a look inside Aisin Takaoka via our homepage. Move your cursor to places of interest on the map below and click to get photos and explanations on your monitor. Go ahead, take a look...
Aisin Takaoka Tour on the Web
Headquarters Building Head Office TA Center Honsha Plant Aluminum Plant Honsha Plant(Metal Forming)
head office aisin takaoka plant Metal Forming Plant
There is a front desk, halls, and offices for departments in the headquarter. There is a casting foundry and machining plant.Aisin Takaoka is always involved in developing its own new technologies, for which we've earmed a high reputation. Stainless steel exhaust components production utilizes stamping and welding technology, while chassis components are manufactured using hydro-form methods.
Machinery & Equipment Plant Machinery & Equipment Plant Metal Forming Plant Kira Plant Higashiura Plant Takaoka Golf Course
Machinery & Equipment Plant Kira Plant Takaoka Golf Course
Metal dies are dessigned using CAD/CAM systems to create the various dies, press-formed pro- ducts and cutting process equipment, meeting the needs of our customers. To create a safer, more environmentally friendly plant. Aisin Takaoka has installed a new casting line. The surrounding area is full of important historical sites. This is our much prized company 9-hole golf course. It's used by everyone for golf(of course),various events and local kids' excursions.
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