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Chassis & Brake Components
Quality chassis & brake & body components are essential for safe comfortable driving. Aisin Takaoka's components eliminate irritating brake squeal and vibration.
Brake Disc Rotor(Cast iron)

Aisin Takaoka's disc rotor is a high performance product that boasts reduced brake squeal and vibration due to material development which has improved damping capacity and thermal diffusion.

Brake Disc Rotor
Aluminum caliper Aluminum caliper(aluminum, with a rheo cast process)

Use of a rheo cast process -- a semi-solid casting process -- for aluminum calipers realized the benefits of high rigidity, light weight, low cost, and near net shape.

BrakeCornerASSY Brake Drum Caliper
BrakeCornerASSY(Cast iron) Brake Drum(Cast iron) Caliper(Cast iron)
Support Knuckle(Cast iron)
Support(Cast iron) Knuckle(Cast iron)
Suspension Member (Steel Pipe) Suspension Member (Steel Pipe)

Aisin Takaoka has developed the world's first hydroform method applicable to thin-walled zinc plate. A thin-walled, lightweight, strong product has been achieved through weldless, optimum cross-section design and improved corrosion resistance.

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