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Mold for cast iron

The most advanced CAD/CAM/CAE systems are used to build molds of high quality, optimum precision and low cost.

Main Products
Mold for cast iron Mold for die casting
Pattern,iron casting Mold,die casting

Powder laminate model

In a short time, we can create a model from passenger 3-dimensional data (we can also create 3-D data from 2-D).
We can not only perform modeling of configuration analysis and design confirmation, but also utilize the advantages of full color modeling to perform design evaluation and breakdown data model evaluation.
[Maximum size]
350 x 250 x 200mm full color modeling (printing also possible)

Powder laminate model
Powder laminate model Powder laminate model
laminate model laminate model

Die design, Manufacturing process, what we aim to be

We research the ideas of the customer by using computer graphics, satisfying the various needs of high quality,optimum precision, and low cost by providing easy-to-use, productive die.