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TAOC continues to fervently pursue the relationship between music and vibration.
TAOC, a Trusted Brand
TAOC is the Aisin Takaoka Company brand for high-grade audio products. Aisin Takaoka Company plays a part in Toyota Group, and is a world-class general cast iron maker boasting the highest production of cast iron vehicle parts in Japan.

The motivation shared by all TAOC parts is cast iron (FC)

Focusing on the vibration suppression effect in the graphite contained in that cast iron, we began production of numerous high-grade audio/visual accessories in 1983, and building upon a base of vehicle production, we have supplied audiophiles ever since.

From vibration suppression to vibration control
With the concept to control vibration is to control sound, we have strived for high rigidity and high vibration suppression. The high definition, high fidelity, and TAOC vibration control effect has been recognized by many audiophiles. As the culmination of this cast iron vibration control technology, TAOC has released the high-grade speaker system FC Series. Through speaker development, TAOC has arrived at resonance and harmony.
TAOC has a new concept: Vibration adjustment, while fulfilling the role of suppressing the unnecessary vibrations that cause sound distortion, also proactively utilizes natural, beautiful resonance.

TAOC continues to fervently pursue the relationship between music and vibration.

The foundation of audio is setting
Are you fully accessing the true potential of your audio? TAOC audio visual accessories bring your favorite audio devices to another level. TAOC vibration adjustment technology improves the rise and fall of bass. It improves sound separation and the amount of information. It also brings about high-definition, beautiful sound.

 gFor details, please visit the TAOC website.h For details, please visit the TAOC website.
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